Saturday, July 23, 2005

"Wannabe super-model niece"

Meet my soon to be super-model 4-month old American niece, Bianca Shanelle


Meet my four-month old niece, Bianca Shanelle. Bya is her nick. She is the daughter of my sister and get this . . . a bonafide American Citizen.

Yup, she was born in the USA and if everything goes to plan, might be able to visit them by October or by early next year.

My sister is now living in San Francisco with my Mom and have sucessfully undergone an operation to remove her cervical cancer. However, she would have to undergo chemo and radiology treatments in the coming months to ensure that her cancer won't recur.
Sadly the procedure would also ensure that Bya would be their only child.

Truly, my niece's name fits her for she is the "Biyaya" of her mom.

I am not known to be a religious person, but I know many of you are. Hopefully you could include her in your prayers or rituals.


Sunshine said...

i'll keep your sister and your brand new niece (who is VERY cute!) in my prayers.

rmacapobre said...

who had the cancer removed?
your sister or your mama?
im glad who ever it is, is okey ..