Monday, July 11, 2005

"Enter the Sandman"

British author Neil Gaiman

I must say, the level of geekiness was quite high at the Music Museum where Sandman author Neil Gaiman was to hold a Q&A sponsored by the ever dapper British Council. Even before the 1:30pm call time, the theatre was already bursting with fan boys and a large contingent of fan girls. Looking back it does seem that the girls outnumber the guys in this event.

Originally, I was about to pass this assignment to our newly hired reporter, which incidentally is an active Cosplayer (think Elektra and slave girl Leia and some other anime characters which I conveniently forgot. . . ), but due to a misunderstanding had to schlep my way to Greenhills and miss a more important coverage of Cory Aquino again asking GMA to step down at DLSU, Taft.

American Gods is the only work of Gaiman that I am familiar with. Although, I do recall that in college almost every artist was a-gaga over his works especially Sandman and some other titles in the DC Vertigo line.

See, this is the limit of my comic/graphic novel knowledge. Pathetic. . .

I was prepared to be bored with the whole she-bang and just shoot and scoot but somehow I got enraptured with the witty Brit and stayed for almost an hour. Albeit I could not relate much with the comic genre, it was interesting to note that Gaiman was a journalist first before becoming a graphic novel author. That is why, according to him, his novels are more gritty and some would say a different level then the usual hero fantasy that comics are generally known for.

That got me intrigued and am looking forward to read more of his work especially the graphic novels. Wonder if they are still available, cheaply of course.

Niways, this was a good break from covering the seemingly confusing political bruhaha that is plaguing our country.


Sunshine said...

the graphic novels are horribly expensive. powerbooks carry them and fully booked (of course). although i think allan has some of the graphic novels. hehe (tama bang ivolunteer?)

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tama bang ivolunteer?