Tuesday, July 05, 2005

B'Elanna Torres! Congratulations! What does this
mean? It means you have some serious issues...
At least that is what some may think. You are
very confused. You don't like who you are and
to you the grass is always greener on the other
side. You struggle with two very different
sides, each one wanting to get the better of
the other. What you must realize is that both
of these sides are what make you who you are.
Don't fight it, unite it! You'll be able to
work twice as well if you aren't constantly
fighting with...yourself...
You are very good with technical things and with
running a room full of people. You can think
off the top of your head and get things done.
You prefer to work alone for the most part as
you can't really trust anyone else to do it
If you have a fault, it is anger and mistrust.
Don't lash out at people because you are angry
with yourself. Try meditating, controling your
emotions. And every here and there, give
someone the benefit of the doubt. They may
surprise you.

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