Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Pix from the Edge of Boredom

Heya all, due to an extreme sense of boredom, I have embarked on a journey to take a photo of myself whenever I can.

Initially what I envisioned was to take a pix of me and as many Starbucks Coffeeshop that I can. I was planning on calling it "I, Starbucks."

Nutters on that.

New project, "I, America."


Atlantic City!!! Slotmachine cravefest

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Atlantic City Urbanite


Michelle said...

Yes....Si Kuya jetsetter na kainggit!!!!!

Allan said...

nice pics.... glad you found some time to enjoy yourself

tin said...

Kuyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Maytel :)

rmacapobre said...

saan ka ba east o west coast??