Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hello from the US

This is going to be my first blog entry since arriving in the US last April 23.

What can I say, I am in America right now and pursuing the American dream.


But really, the US provides a whole lot of opportunities normally not open or available in the home country. Like, I have a new skill right now and have evolved from being a photographer to a videographer and am liking it a whole lot.

You could check out some of my work at and click on Kababayan LA, a show hosted by Jannelle So one of our officemates here in Asian Journal. If you can do try to leave a feedback at her site. Her show is one of the first wholly Filipino produced show in LA and she needs all the support she can get.

In a few days I will be trying my luck to get a US driver's license. I have not been driving for around 5 years now and would need to hone my skills again and learn about the rules and regulations here.

Finally, perhaps I can purchase a big bike which I have been wanting for a some while now. Cars and motorcycles are relatively cheap and easier to acquire here than in the Philippines.

Do miss all you guys back there in RP . . .