Sunday, August 14, 2005


Just got my office issue Ibook and am quite impressed. It weighs a whole lot less than my old laptop and extremely fast. But this may very well be in the maxing out of the specs for my photo and layout needs (1gig ram, 80gb HD).

Its kinda cute but it has a small screen, just 12" but its super bright. I just need an appletech to colorsynch it.

The first time I used it, I was looking for the right-click of the mouse but soon acclimatized myself with the one button mouse and extremely swell trackpad.

Its kinda hard though to find programs for the mac and I can't synch my PDA just yet for lack of compatible software. I can't use the bluetooth option also since I don't have a single bluetooth device. Having fun though with the built-in airport express (wifi for PC).

All the computers in the office are Imac G5's and its kinda nice looking at all that snowy white hardware specially when we configured everything to run on wifi.

BTW Edy was chosen to be our graphic/layout artist and we would be working together once again.

Yipee ginpo days are here again!!!


Allan said...

hey post some pics naman ng computer mo...
congrats to eddie rin!

Anonymous said...

Look for OS X SW at

While there, search for "missing sync".

Sunshine said...

wow! nice specs. congrats to eddie!
see you guys soon!