Friday, November 26, 2004

Alexander the Gay

Due to boredom and perhaps intrinsic curiosity, I decided to watch Alexander the Great yesternight at G4. Was planning on watching The Incredibles but I do so wanted to watch that one with Ching.

Niways, the movie was a great surprise in the sense that it was one of the few blatantly homosexual movie that I have ever seen.

However, the homosexuality exhibited in the movie was far far different from any other. It was more of a "Band of Brothers" type of sexuality, and not the screaming faggot type we usually associate with today.

Although I did find myself cringing in the kooky scenes with Alexander and Haephestion plus with his other love affairs, I kinda realize that it was the tradition of the Greeks (Macedonian for that matter) to engage in such sexual activities.

I was not alone in the shocked, aww shucks, giggly state regarding the gayness of Alexandra. I was seated next to a gaggle of college girls and it was really funny how they reacted to the kooky scenes interspersed with the gory and very vivid battle scenes. I do love to see them squirm.

Niways, I think modern common people cannot readily accept that one of the most famous generals of ancient times was openly homosexual (the pare pa kiss nga type).

Certainly, Alexander was not alone in this. Historical accounts say that Richard the Lion Heart and somebody or the other were also gay.

Niways, it was a very good movie with very gory battle scenes which I loved (so very reminiscent with Braveheart and The Last Samurai). The movie however barely showed the enormous military conquests of Alexander. It also failed to show the Gordian knot in which he was famous for.

Watch it and be ready to cringe and be thrilled.

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