Sunday, October 10, 2004

Pocket PC rocks!!

I was just issued a Toshiba E740 pocket PC by the office and I must say the unit rocks. It has two, yup thats right, TWO expansion slots Compact Flash and MMC/SD plus it has wi-fi and 64mb of onboard memory.

Now I can view my pix taken from my DSLR in the PDA and can send it via wifi to our site. Now if I can only find a program like a photoshop lite to accompany the PDA it would be perfect for me and can virtually send from anywhere with a bluetooth SD card and a gprs cell phone.

Did I mention the games? Galeeeng. Meron ako nabilihan na pocketpc games at parang mini-pc na sya. There is a game called snails that is similar to worms armaggedon or to gunbound. Meron din mga rpg stuff like eye of the beholder type games pero di ko pa nainstall.

I also bought an IR keyboard for the PDA but havn't used it much since I found out that I can write directly to my PDA and have my handwriting by recognized and converted to a word format file.

Still longing for a proper laptop though.... but for the moment I am quite satisfied with this little gem


rmacapobre said...

> Manila, Philippines (2004-10-12) -- Filipino-American Jasmine Trias Photo by Michael DLC. Santos

MIKES!!!!!! PAOTOGRAP!!!!!!!! were you able to talk to her?????

Allan said...

palm pa rin!!!!