Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Lately, I have been cooking a lot.

Don't know why, but me and April are the dominant cooksters at our humble abode in Joisey.

I have cooked, Gyudon-sortoff, tunaquila steak, sukiyapansit, Japa Curry, Indo Kari, baby herbal tots, Tsampanok, Arroz Con Pollo Loco, Arrozmansi, Epol baboychops, smiley keyks, kidney toaster keyk, soufflemelet, astro tofu, and what not.

I can't really say that I am a conventional cook since I do like to experiment. Sometimes it doesn't really turn out well and on other times I surprise myself.

Am just waiting for Salmonella or food poisoning to set in.

Atrociously Tofu:

1 block of firm or extra firm Tofu
A dollop of sweet soy sauce
Some kind of Vinegar
A bazinger of Chili Oy
Saffron flowers - (serves no purpose really, we just have lots of it)
Calamansi juice, lime juice, or spit for tanginess


Cut the tofu to your hearts content. -- personally, would want to experiment on fun shapes.
Stir fry the tofu until golden brown or crispy or burnt beyond belief. Your choice really.
While waiting for tofu to cook, mix the remaining ingredients together adding or subtracting according to your palate. Add the mixture to the tofu and watch them sizzle.

Serve with a sprig of orchids to impress your mate.

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Allan said...

looks yummy....