Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I guess its kinda official. I am going to be reassigned to New York City by mid-July.

It is a barely a year that I got transferred from the Manila office to our HQ in Los Angeles and now here I am moving again to NYC to set-up our office there.

Good move though, I think ...

Hate the city though, would rather prefer to be transferred to Seattle, Washington or Hawaii but I guess that would be in the future.


Ching's B-day is coming up soon and was really planning to go home and surprise her but apparently I cannot, just yet, go back to RP. All papers are ok, so are the finances, its just complicated and I have to sacrifice a bit.


Well, NYC here I come.


rmacapobre said...

you remember lani banez? last i heard, she was living somewhere in the east coast ..

Allan said...

wow... new york city!!!

too bad u'll be staying longer in the states....

btw, can u email me ur address (once u settled down) so i can have the lego stuff delivered?

Boogabead said...

yup, I know Lani Banez and already called her last timeI was in NY.

BTW, she already has a baby boy.

rmacapobre said...

and id like to send you a postcard .. anong address mo dyan

Sunshine said...

hey, if you're in NY, gusto mong magpadala ng stuff pauwi? may mom and my sister are coming home for my wedding.

my mom's in shelter island, NY while my sister is in NJ. they're always in manhattan lately doing some shopping.

email me ( if you're interested and i'll send you their contact info.