Wednesday, March 15, 2006

PSP, Luv ko to!

Due to pressing circumstances, I had to sell my gamecube but fortunately it was not long before another took its place.

I recently had a chance to exchange some of my unused stuff for a Sony PSP and this gadget is simply amazing!!!

Crammed to its sleek black body is one hell of a gaming machine. Roughly it has the same capacity as a Playstation 1 and some even say as high as a PS2. It can not only play graphically amazing games but can also be used as a MP3/MP4 player and as a web browser.

Sad to say the games are quite expensive for this machine, ranging from P2500 to P4k for brand new ones but there is an active second hand market where you can trade your finished games or buy from P1k to P1500. Great deals.

You can also download MP4 content from the net or rip DVDs and watch it in the widescreen format display.

Did I say web browser? Yup thru its built-in wi-fi you could surf the internet and visit all the porn sites that you want =)

PSP! Luv ko to! (syempre wala papalit kay Chinggay!)

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