Saturday, February 04, 2006

Gaming Heaven

Recently bought a Nintendo Gamecube from one of our acquaintances from the US embassy and the unit rocks! It came with LOTR: Return of the King and PN03, a first person shooter.

First off, the unit itself is kinda cute and quite portable. Compared with the geenormous Xbox and the anorexic PS2, the gamecube really looks like a cube. The controller is also more comfortable to hold than the controllers of its competitors.

Unfortunately the unit is a US version and cannot play pirated games unless I have it modifed for a modest fee at Greenhills where the games would cost from P150-P250 but mostly japanese version games.

Fortunately I have discovered the local nintendo fanboys site at , where all things nintendo are being actively sold and traded.

Currently I have six games: LOTR: ROTK, PN03, Robotech:Battlecry, Rogue Squadron: Rebel Strike, Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes, and Metroid Prime.

Of all the games that I have, I really enjoy LOTR:ROTK and Robotech. I already have finished LOTR, unlocked all the characters and still am playing it again and again.

LOTR:ROTK is a classic beat-em up, rpg like, action-adventure game wherein you closely follow the events highlighted by the movie while playing a variety of characters from Legolas, the Hobbits, and even Faramir. Legolas rocks but is fairly fragile while the hobbits are a very energetic bunch. Needless to say, Gandalf is one of the most balanced characters of the game with a strong melee and ranged combat stats.

Would have loved to spend more time playing the gamecube but I havn't converted Ching to a gaming grrl yet, and of course the ungodly hours that we have at AJ is excruciating to say the least.

There is also the pressing matter of my impending expatriation to the US sometime in March or April. Could bring the unit to the US but if anybody is interested in buying the Gamecube package do email or give me a ring and will see if I would change my mind.

Niways, am looking forward to slice and dice some Uruk-hais, and kick Zentraedi butt this weekend . . . . .

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