Wednesday, April 13, 2005

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Hazardous Life

Recently, we were covering a rally near the Malate Church when things started to get ugly.

Nobody really knows how it started but apparently somebody agitated the riot police holding the protesters back and they started to retaliate with their sticks and shields.

As usual, I had to be in the middle of it to capture the best image possible. Somewhen during the fracas a Carmelite priest got hit by a cop and was soon squealing for his mommy right beside me with a bloody head to boot.

Me? I got hit in the back with the edge of a police shield and a close encounter of the precious jewels kind from a bamboo stick wielded by one of the protesters.

Fun, fun, fun.

Evil as it might seem, I just can't stop laughing about the whole incident. One moment the priest was all fire and brimstone and the next a helpless, squealing baby with blood streaming from a nasty cut in the head.

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