Friday, March 25, 2005

Bad as I Wanna Be

Ok, so I borrowed the line from Dennis Rodman, so sue me! Dont you get it? There is a certain mystique surrounding mischief, rebellion, going against the tide, and that sort of stuff.

For many a life carbon copied from a multitude of others is fine, dah?! Boring. But who am I to preach, right?

Individuality as we know it is slowly becoming an endangered attribute. I can't blame them, can I.

To be secure is one of the tenets of life, one so religiously pursued by many. What are we searching for, what are we striving for? Is it not life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Oops, too imperialistic, lets try it again shall we. A stable high paying job, a domicile worth calling home, good healthy food to sustain us, clothing to impress others with, an understanding & patient wife/husband/lover/whatever, well rounded kids, and finally self-esteem to feed our ego. In the end we delude ourself thinking, hey I got it all. For some perhaps, for all I fervently hope so.

How many times have we faced a fork in our life? Decisions wherein there is no turning back and might as well dictate the rest of our life. You could do this and be that or maintain the status quo. Take the plunge, I say.

Failure is not an option, or is it? Life aint easy. Failure is an option. You have to be wrong to know what is right, diba?

Many times we fail, but what matters is how we bounce back. How we recompose ourself and face the jeers of others, is it not what failure teaches us?

Strength, perseverance, passion are what counts the most.

Be that as it may, we are what we mold ourselves to be. Enough crap about how we are the products of our society. Dont delude yourself thinking we had no choice.

Forks, dear people, forks in our life. Always, every minute, every breath we take. A multitude of paths are available. Some dark, some light, but always there.

There was once a person I knew who said I can change the world. Where is that person now?

Me? I'll be as bad as I wanna be. Got a problem with that bub?

Playing with your minds. . . . . .

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