Friday, January 28, 2005

Do try to track down a copy of the japanese film Battle Royale II "Requiem."

Its a story of Japan's wetdream of solving their juvenile delinquents by using them as a pseudo-strike team to take down terrorists.

See the teenyboppers moronic attempt to storm a beach and charge a fortified stronghold without any sense of tactics.

Watch as they stand and wail idiotically while waiting for their heads to be blown up.

Be prepared to writhe and squirm and your seat for an hour and a half of overacting and mindless bloodfest.

Of course their are guns galore and and mil-wear to be seen. To name a few, FAMAS, MP-5s, AK-47s, M-16A2s, JGSDF battle gear, swat getup and what not.

If you are lucky enough do try to secure a copy of Battle Royale I also. More mindless fun with angst ridden teens battling it out with whatever item they can get hold of . . . .

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