Wednesday, March 31, 2004

an oldie but goodie . . .
Freedom and biking, same thing

Last Saturday, in lieu of partaying, I decided to go on an epic bike ride, besides I really do need to practice for bike4life. Epic it certainly was. Left Petron at around sevenish in the morn and arrived just before dusk. Biked for almost half a day. Ass sore, legs going numb, vision getting hazy, neck burning like hell, back stiff as as a board, signs of bonking, I plodded on. Lost somewhere in the hinterlands of Bulacan seeking reprieve from life everdamning. Pride and can do attitude seems to be the only thing fueling me to continue.

This long on a bike, your mind starts to wander. Endless, meaningless, soulful, revealing, oftentimes exotic thoughts do enter your mind to ease the pain of your ceaseless cadence. What if its my child she's carrying? What if she comes back? What if this and what if that. What if god is female and black? What if we are just chesspieces in a celestial game? What if we are all evil incarnate? What if I dont make it back to the station? What if cockroaches are the true rulers of earth and we but mindless pawns? What if i eat this bug? Will i feel the earth move under my skin? Will the sun still shine on MTV? What sex is Hello Kitty? What if I tie dye my hair and henna tattoo my body will she of the wondrous voice and name that rhymes with tequila still like me? Dreadlocks? Skinhead? Will I make it thru the wilderness even though I am not a virgin? Do monks wear underwear? SMB or Miller? Will numbnuts be good nick after bike4life? What if Mr. Stress is really Miss Stress? What if Barbie is lesbian and GI Joe gay? What do sushi flavored gelatin in a tube taste like? Will i go kaboom if all i eat is chili and beans? Will Say I love You mean Better Days? Will this mindless email ever end?

So it does. Freedom, our greatest gift, our greatest threat. Minds awandering, dem is like Jamaica, mon. Evergreen, ever unpredictable. Kaya join na lang kayo sa Bike4Life and lets all have a good time!

Things to do before I croak: "spill my guts over the Riviera"

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